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Fire Extinguisher Air/Water 9 L complete with Wall Bracket


Air/water based fire extinguishers are highly effective against solid burning fires (e.g. wood, paper, cloth, rubbish, plastics). This makes them perfect for agricultural businesses and also very useful around the workshop or home. They extinguish fires in the most recognisable way, spraying water to cool the fire. With a long discharge time and impressive 3A fire rating it is highly useful to quickly extinguish small breakouts that may lead to damaging large scale bush fires or house fires. It however must be noted that it cannot be used for B, E and F class fires.

  • 3A fire rating
  • Standards Australia approved
  • Ultra high UV resistant powder coating
  • Stainless steel cylinder, handles and brass valve and ferrules
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • Compliant with ASNZS 1841.5