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Drum Trolley Stainless Steel


The DTC01 drum trolley is suitable for drum and barrel handling from 50 litres (10 gallon) to 200 litres (45 gallon). Constructed in full stainless steel, the drum trolley is fitted with an adjustable catch allowing it to suit different drums and barrels such as mousers, XL ring, plastic and open top steel.

The company’s flagship unit the DTC01 Universal Drum Trolley won STS the Tomorrow’s World Inventors of the Year award followed by the Product Innovation Award at the Safety Expo 2001. The DTC01 drum trolley has become the industry standard for all companies wishing to allow any operator, no matter how strong, to move drums of up to 300kg with only 20kg of effort whilst complying with Manual Handling Regulations.

The DTC01 does not require the drum to be moved onto a footplate. To operate you simply push the trolley to the drum and attach the catch to the rim of the drum. The trolley catch has variable settings to suit all different types of drums and barrels and can be adjusted up and down to suit different heights. With the catch connected, push the footbar forwards and pull on the handles to lift the drum vertically and not inclined towards the operator. It can then be pushed along with the minimum of effort and without the operator taking the weight of the load against the body. If you let go while you are transporting a drum the trolley will place the drum back on the ground vertically.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum SWL 350kg
  • Maximum input load 20kg
  • Ground clearance 75mm
  • Overall width 795mm
  • Weight 28kg
  • Eliminate operator injuries
  • Operator load kept below 25 kg limit
  • Complies with Manual Handling Regulations
  • Automatic drum grip mechanism
  • Fits all types and sizes of drums
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • ATEX compliant options available